Joe CollegeAlmost everyday I look at my life, and think about how different it might be if I had gone to college.

After graduating high school, I was not ready for college at all. I did not exactly have the best role models for the college experience either. That didn’t help.

My father did not go to college. After high school, he joined a union to become an electrician. He was not a very good student in his younger days. Nothing wrong with that, the world needs trades people just as equally as anybody else, and it seemed to suit him.

My mom was going to school when she met my dad. She quit after two years to marry him. She was going for teaching. Even with her having some time in college, she wasn’t much of an influence.

I’m fairly certain, that if I had gone away to school, I would have been chewed up and spit out in the first week. Dorm life would not have been kind to me. Nerds were not as valued then as they are now. I missed the boat on that one (that seems to happen a lot, wrong place, wrong time). I was better off in basic training where somebody was always telling me what to do.

After I washed out of basic I did go to Ramapo College for one semester, and I hated it. I was not prepared for the workload, and I was especially not prepared for the self-discipline needed for college level classes. I skated through high school with no plans for the future, and no guidance.

Not knowing anyone was a big issue for me as well. High school was full of familiar people. College was a whole new world of individuals and meeting them was not my forte.

As the years wore on, I did take more  classes, online and classroom, not in any particular order. Ranging from accounting to information technology. I never did finish. I’ve considered going back, but even with all the classes I’ve taken I’m still not close to any particular degree, and I just don’t have the energy to put in the necessary time at this point in my life.

I get dizzy thinking about reading textbooks, and having to write papers after a full day of work. Plus, there are always group projects where someone does not carry their weight, and I can’t go away for murder just yet.

I’m so glad my boys are already done with school. I hate how much debt they’re in, but at least they have their degrees.  Just one more kid to go.

Maybe I will find the energy someday, maybe.

For now, just getting up every morning will have to do, and the school of hard knocks is forever accepting.