Haven’t written for a while because I’ve actually been working on the novel. I’m 71 pages in and I’m pretty pleased for a first pass. 

I usually write with no plan in mind. This time is different. I have most of the story in my head. Of course things change along the way but I mostly know what I want and know where it’s going. Characters come and go along the way.

My biggest issue is I have a bad habit of writing with the TV on which slows me down And distracts me. It’s just that it’s a 50-year-old habit that’s hard to break. I’m also not trying they hard…

I’m trying to be done by New Years. We’ll see how it goes. I posted the first two chapters in the blog. If anybody would like to read more let me know. 

I’ve been trying to read more as well. Chelle has me on this time-traveling series. I also just finished Mel Brooks’s new autobiography. He’s a talented guy. Right now I’m reading a local author out of Phoenix.

It’s amazing how reading other authors can influence your work, even if the styles are night and day. 

I have several other ideas but that’s another one of my bad habits. I move on to another idea before finishing what I’ve started. 

If you checked my laptop you would find dozens of things started from one line to 20 pages. Novels, short stories, plays, scripts and more. The kids will have fun reading through it someday. Maybe they’ll even find something worthwhile to work on. 

That would be a nice legacy.