Well, now we come to the present. Those first days were probably the hardest and I couldn’t keep writing in the past otherwise I’d never catch up. I took a week off from work and then did a week of half days which brought me to the beginning of June. So, I’ve been back to work for about two and a half months. It’s good that summer is our slow season. It was a good way to ease back in.

I’ve taught a couple of classes since then but I wonder how it will be when I’ve got 6 classes a day all week long. At least that chaos slows down and ends for the holidays. I’ve been tired, which is not new news. Having a sleep test soon and I’ll probably get my CPAP machine back. Yuck! But I should sleep better with it which should help a lot of things.

No real emotional ups and downs, I’ve been pretty middle of the road and I’m not sure if enough time has gone by yet for the meds to have kicked in. As long as it stays like this it will do.

Part of my plan is to get out of town more often which I did last week. I had to go to Pasadena for two days for work, so I went the weekend before and stayed the weekend after to see the boys. Was a lot of fun.. The first weekend I helped them film a short that Mike and his writing partner had written. Good script and a nice tight little cast and crew. It was two overnight shoots, so that was fun. I can’t believe I made it through both nights. I love working with them and watching them work together, I wish I could do it more often.

Monday and Tuesday I napped, read, and wrote. I’ve started a new book which I’m three chapters into. You can see a preview here if you’re interested, https://www.facebook.com/Vinnie.sorce.author. It was nice to write during the day and not have to worry about work.

Wednesday and Thursday was my class. Training the trainers as it were. Nice hotel and free dinners which my boss paid for. Not sure how I like the material. I have at least one coworker who feels similar. It’s very game based. Teach a short lesson and then play a game to reenforce it.

Thursday night back to Mike’s. Friday I went to the Getty Museum. Very cool place. Huge! I only went to two buildings and the garden and that took several hours. https://www.getty.edu/visit/center/

Friday night was poker which was a blast. We had to have two tables. I finished fourth due to a pot error, otherwise I would have finished worse. Great group of people.

Saturday we went to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, https://www.academymuseum.org/en. Some fabulous exhibits. and Sunday was an escape room which we blew away. 61 minutes in a 75 minute room.

Sometimes life seems normal but not all the time. Maybe it never will, maybe it never has. I don’t know.

Alright, we’ll see where we go from here then.