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Slice 354 of 365

I let another day slip away. I seem to be doing that more and more lately.  Not sure why. It just seems to happen. I start out the day with good intentions, and get a few things done, but then, all of a sudden, it’s almost bed time, and only three things out of a hundred and seven got done. 

It happens with so very little effort too. Sitting down seems to be a major cause of it. I’ve read that sitting is the new smoking. So many people sit at their jobs and/or at home that exercise becomes very low on the totem pole. 

For me, sitting means that time moves faster, but I don’t. Happens more on the weekends. The less structure the more sitting time. It works opposite at work though. I sit there most of the day and the time does not go faster. Used to be the same way at school. 

I sit on the couch at home, and a desk chair at work. Maybe the trick is to have a couch at work. Something to consider. 

Until tomorrow…