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Slice 355 of 365

The ressurection of my oldest, dearest friend failed today. The cable has finally gone dark. Last week, our cable company discontinued their analog signal that we were still receiving, after cancelling our service last March. 

It started happening last Tuesday, and continued into Wednesday. Station after station, channel after channel disappearing. I thought that was the end. I went to the website to see about the free digital converters I’d seen advertised. I didn’t think they’d give me one with no more TV service, but I decided to try and order one anyway. 

Lo and behold I was able to order, not one, but two converter devices. I couldn’t believe it. The free TV was to continue until the end of time. It was a miracle. The universe really does listen. 

We spent the whole week filling the void with Netflix waiting impatiently for the magic boxes to arrive. Finally today they came. The UPS driver didn’t ring the doorbell, but I heard the truck drive away. There they were, just carelessly left at the door, lying helpless on the concrete in the cold winter night.  The very thing that could bring my TVs back to life. 

I got them inside and unpacked. Moved the entertainment center to fiddle with the wires and voila, there was activity on the screen, software updating. That seemed very hopeful, but there was a small nagging feeling that arose from the text “activation code needed” in the quick start guide. It took about three days for the software to upload, and there it was, a screen saying that the cable card had expired, and to call.

Calling was bad. If I called they’d would surely know we didn’t have TV service. Or would they? They sent me the converter boxes without asking. Maybe, just maybe, they would activate them without asking. They must be inundated with phone calls. 

I had Siri call the number. I’m actually shaking. I was put on hold due to large volumes of calls. This was a good sign. They ask the usual questions, phone number, address, etc.  I get put on hold.  They asked for the serial number of the box. 

Uh oh…

It appears we don’t have any kind of video service. “Oh, is that the problem,” I said, with a sinking heart, and got off the phone. 

The ressurection was not to be. The false miracle has zapped my strength. I’m not sure I’ll ever believe in anything every again.

Oooo a squirrel. 

Until tomorrow…