I Love clouds. I have my head in the clouds much of the time anyway, so it just stands to reason.


I knew clouds existed since I saw them for the first time, whenever that was. The first time I really saw them though, the very first time, I was about seven years of age. It was on a camping trip in the Adirondacks, probably in July. We were fishing, my brother, my father and I.

It was a row boat which was rented from the campground.  Every year we would rent a boat, and my father would make my brother and I row it to the campsite, while he yelled, “Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!” through cupped hands any time an audience presented itself. He was not funny. We eventually got a small outboard motor several years later.

I remember it was a blustery day, but not surface winds, high winds. I was lying back in the boat, the fish were not biting at all. Looking up at the clouds, I could see them moving across the sky as the wind pushed them around. What I had never seen before was the clouds change shape, right there before my eyes. I was mesmerized.

When the wind is whipping around like that, the clouds dance to a different beat. One cloud changing on its own or several clouds merging to form compound shapes. I still look in wonderment at my current age. I wish I had more time now to lay down and watch the clouds go by.

I see things in the clouds all the time. Shapes, animals, faces, super heroes, all kinds of things. Some stay longer than others. Some change and morph, right there, into other things while I’m watching.

I have an idea about photography mixed with art. I have at least two friends who have the skills for it (ya know, those freaking friends who are just good at whatever they do…), and I don’t know if it’s been done before. My thought is, photograph clouds where you see shapes. Print the photos and then outline the shapes, in ink, paint, pencil, whatever the artist likes. Not too much detail, maybe some subtle shading, the cloud should be the star. Just an idea.

Ironically there are no clouds outside right now. Just blue sky. A completely blank canvas.

A completely blank page.

That’s the best kind…

TTFN… (I think I found my sign off…)