Last year at this time we were in Phoenix, and happened to be here when the VNSA Book sale was happening. Scheduling worked out where we were down here again this year, the same weekend, and we were able to attend the sale again.

Were I to say there were thousands of books for sale it would be a gross understatement. I’m not sure I could say tens of thousands, but it certainly did look that way. People walking around with bags, boxes, suitcases, and several shopping carts finding treasures everywhere. Volunteers all over, and announcements every five minutes reminiscent of M*A*S*H.

 I started out excited to go. It wasn’t too crowded yet, I remember more people last year. We all split up up pretty much as soon as we walked in. There were too many choices which started to be overwhelming, and then it started to become too crowded, and I just felt like I wanted to get out of there. It started to snowball as I looked at all the books and authors, and began to wonder how I could possibly get noticed with all the competition out there, and I was only standing in a room with a minuscule drop in the bucket of the world’s books.

I inquired recently at a local book store, Peregrine, about local authors. They have a small section at the front of the store. I just have to complete a form and provide two books to start. I did a quick count of authors on the shelf, and it was over a hundred. How can I compete with that? Especially in this small community.

So, this started my anxiety running high, and I was already running on high from a flat tire yesterday. We got a flat tire in the morning, on the way to take Becca to a school event, and to get me to work. It went flat in a spot that was not safe to change it. I drove slowly to a Circle K just down the road and the tire was shredded in that short distance, unfixable. A hundred bucks, a whole day’s salary, to get a freaken new one. And it had to be done that day, so we could still go to Phoenix the next day.


I have Monday off for the holiday, and now I’m thinking about working, to pay for the damn tire. I was psyched to have a three-day weekend. I’m trying out this new book promoter who agreed to let me pay her in installments, which are supposed to start Monday, pay day. With the tire now, I may have to put it off.

So, what is it universe? What’s up your ass that you’re giving me such a freaking hard time about the writing? I’m back at it. I’m trying to market and write again. What’s your problem?

Do me a favor and go bug somebody else for a while, will ya? There’s seven billion people out there for you to screw around with, have at it.

Hasta la vista baby…

Yep, still working on that.

Hey, by the way, go buy the book! Please…