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Slice 364 of 365

I read somewhere recently, probably on Facebook, where birthdays should be considered leveling up, and each year is just a level in your game. So, the higher the level you are, the better you are at the game, and the more respect from people at lower levels. In theory at least. 

I love that thinking because people who are trying to cheat the game by trying to look younger or whatnot, are in that case, doing themselves a disservice. If the game can’t see your correct level then you’re not as high up as you think you are. You can never fool the game.

I wonder if I get a new life for leveling up? Am I an app or an old stand alone video game? Action game or brain melting game? Popular or cult classic? 

I’ll guess I’m an older stand alone arcade game with a glitch and no memory, a failing video card and fading paint. Not too popular, it’s the game in the corner you see and say, “Oh yeah, I used to like that game.” The older games don’t have as many levels, I better be on my toes to look for hidden ones.

I’ll just keep playing until the manufacturer no longer supports my system or until I hit my last level, which ever comes first. 

Until tomorrow…