Slice 361 of 365

My household is back down to two. The boys have left to go back to LA after the holiday weekend. It was a really great time. Very little fighting, and a lot of laughing. That’s always the best thing, the laughing. 

I think the debating comes second. We saw Creed yesterday. There was much discussion afterwards. Plenty of conversation on future films as well. And there is always the make fun of dad part of the day.  That part of the day is approximately twenty-three hours long, and my kids are extremely good at it. They had a good teacher. 

I’ll have a full house again in a few weeks for Christmas. Longer this time, seven to ten days I think. I’ll be the only one who has to work. 

It was the first time they both had to come from far away. It’s starting to get more surreal each time we all get together now. 

More time behind me than in front now makes you see it differently. Not sure I see it clearly yet, but it is definitely different. 

Until tomorrow…