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Slice 360 of 365

Today is my faux birthday. Since the boys are here for Thanksgiving, and won’t be here next week for the real thing, we’re celebrating my birthday today. 

Actually I got a gift last night, Jenga, so I suppose it started then. Becca made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and brought them to me in bed. She asked me twice last night what time I was planning on getting up. Just a little bit of telegraphing. 

Today we went to the movies and then dinner, Indian food. Tonight was freethinker trivia night. That was fun, we were all on one team. Got our asses handed to us. Played a zombie game after that which was fun. 

Got home and was getting cleaned up when the kids gave me a second gift, a trip to Paris. I was stunned. I truly didn’t know what to say. The fact that they wouldn’t let my birthday dream die means so much more to me than the gift itself. I really have amazing kids. 

Now off to bed where I get to dream about Paris tonight. 

Until tomorrow…