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Slice 356 of 365

I saw Bridge of Spies recently. I enjoyed it. I always wonder about the historical accuracy of films that involve actual history. They want the drama to be heightened, and then people end up believing the movie rather than the history that actually happened.

One of the things in the film, my favorite thing I think, was when Rudolf Abel’s (played by Mark Rylance) attorney (James Donovan played by Tom Hanks) asked him several times through out the story, “Do you ever worry about anything?” and Abel’s answer was always, “Would it help?

Abel was so calm the entire time, even when he was arrested. In the spy game I’d guess that’s a pretty big asset. You can only guess the real mindset of him at the time, but I’d like to believe the actor’s portrayal. I suspect that’s exactly what Hollywood wants.

It was the would it help attitude that I liked. I’ve seen the old cliche before, ninety percent of what you worry about never happens. and the other ten percent you can’t do anything about. He embodied that philosophy completely. He was pretty admirable for an enemy of the state.

I might make a pretty good spy. The inconspicuous geek with the twenty-five year run of bad luck. 

For all you know, I am one. 

Until tomorrow…