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Slice 352 of 365

The long awaited finale for The Hunger Games came out this week. Becca and I have been patiently waiting. OK, maybe not so patiently.

Tonight is the first time we’re able to go, even though she tried to con me into going to a double feature the other night that she learned about only about an hour before hand.

It seems like so long since I’ve read the books. I lose track of time so much easier these days. I remember the basic story, but the kids, Becca especially, always remember everything. Plus she gets very attached to characters.

I get attached to some. Katniss is definitely one of them, Haymitch too. That might just be because of Woody Harrelson playing him. I’ve not been a hundred percent sure how I’ve felt about the story since I read the books, but I do like, and identify with a lot of the characters. 

Looking forward to seeing it. Looking more forward to Becca’s reaction and listening to her rant about it when it’s over. That’s the fun part. 

Until tomorrow…