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Slice 351 of 365

I am sitting in the auditorium of my daughter’s school waiting for a band/choir concert to start at 7:00. Due to a miscommunication about car pool, I had to get here at 5:30 to bring her dinner. I sat and ate with her, and now at almost 6:00, it isn’t worth trying to go somewhere else. 

Pause for dress emergency. Had to help safety pin a girl’s dress because it was too big. Considering she was as thin as spaghetti, it’s hard to imagine why. 

Band and choir concerts were some of my favorite times in high school. My parents almost always begged off, but I didn’t care. It was extra time out of the house and with my friends. Plus, we would always went to Friendly’s afterwards. That was the best part. 

Every concert some senior (never me…) would put a centerfold somewhere mixed in the band director’s music at his podium. He always knew it was coming, but would let it go and smile when he came to it. He was facing us of course, so as much as the joke was on him, it was really on the audience, and was between us and him. 

People are starting to arrive. The kids are supposed to be here at 6:15, and since there is nothing nearby all the parents are stuck like me, sitting and waiting. 

Oh well, on to my book. Not reading enough lately anyway.

Until tomorrow…