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Slice 350 of 365

I randomly remember things all day long, from what I need to buy for Thanksgiving dinner next week to the name of the kid that stabbed me with a pencil in second grade.

Today I’m just going to ask about some of those memories. No details, some may belong to people who are reading, and some may not. You can have fun filling in the details. I will not answer questions. 🙂

Do you remember…

…when we decided to live in CT because we thought it was the safest state?

…when you kissed me on stage, and told me not to make a big deal out of it?

…the morning we decided to elope?

…the first time you broke my glasses?

…the time in the lighting booth I put my arm around you? (Years later you told me you wanted to elbow me.)

…my last night in Jersey before moving?

…when we saw Josh?

…the night at the casino when you were leaning up against the truck?

…the day you passed out at the A&P in Wayne?

…the day you called me about your accident instead of dad. 

…the day I found out you were having an affair?

…the morning after the luau party?

…getting sick in London?

…the night of the blizzard?

…the day I decided to do this slice thing?

Until tomorrow…