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Slice 346 of 365

What could I possibly say today that would make any kind of impact?


There are too many people already taking 360 degrees of sides and opinions, and I refuse to add to it. The people of France, Paris especially, deserve better.

I have a friend there. She and her family are safe. If I understood her correctly, she was actually at the soccer match. What she must have been thinking as it was going on. I can’t remember if she was already there when 9/11 happened. I recall her sitting in my kitchen, nursing her oldest I think, but I don’t remember the exact time frame or if she was just visiting.

I had things planned for today, working, writing, but I haven’t been very productive. Of course the world isn’t going to stop, but it can slow down for a little bit to contemplate, think, grieve, and reflect rather than blather on, and pursue other agendas via real people’s tragedies.

I think perhaps I will do just that, and shut down for the rest of the day and just be, instead of being busy. Eat a little more today, sing a little more today, love a little more today.

Live a little more today.

Until tomorrow…