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Slice 345 of 365

As of late, I have not exactly been keeping up with my book marketing. I have laid off my Twitter and Facebook author accounts, and except for NaNoWriMo (FYI, currently behind 7,226 word), been doing very little writing, excluding these posts.

I have decided once the slices are over, and after my birthday, I will be taking the rest of the year completely off from writing, Twitter and Facebook, personal and author. I’m fairly certain I can temporarily turn off my Facebook account. Twitter I’ll just turn off the notifications for now. The writing I can stop cold turkey.

Hard to explain why I need the break, but nonetheless, I have to get away from it, to think about it for a while. I need all of it go away for a while before I wring somebody’s virtual neck.

I can still play my word games without having to see Facebook, so I’m good.

Until tomorrow…