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Slice 339 of 365

It has become catalog season. I am staring at a dozen catalogs, at least, on my coffee table, that I have received in the last three days, of completely useless things.

I enjoy looking at the catalogs because there are some things that make me laugh. Either because they are actually funny, t-shirts and such, or because of how incredibly dumb the item is.

I’ve kept them mostly for humor purposes, but I did find a potential Christmas gift in one today. It was jewelry, so certainly not a necessity, but the message might be a mental necessity, or at least a nice thought. I need to keep it vague, as the gift recipient is a regular reader.

Every time I get these catalogs in the mail, I wonder how much money is being spent on things nobody needs that could be used so much better elsewhere. Then I wonder if other countries have catalogs like this or if it’s just an American thing. I get the feeling it’s just an us thing. Other countries are less greedy and have less disposable income.

Wine glasses with built in straws, a desk top drum set, and a mechanical singing bird in a bird cage were just several of the things I saw in only a few of the catalogs.

Veterans and current military personnel, you should be freaken pissed at what you’re fighting for.

I would be.

Until tomorrow…