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Slice 338 of 365

Not sure what made me think of it, but this morning I was thinking about my friend Matt’s wedding. The wedding was in MA. I drove up alone because Joey was a baby and it was just easier. Turned out I had strep throat the whole time I was there. I felt lousy and didn’t know why. Something jogged my memory this morning about the bachelor party.

The bachelor party was on a trolley, stripper and all as I recall. I mostly remember sucking on ice cubes the whole night because my throat hurt so much. After the wedding, which was in the hotel I was staying, I kept sneaking up to my room to lay down. 

I told you that story, to tell you this one.  A yearish later we all went To MA, me, Lisa, and the boys, for some party at Matt’s. I can’t remember what it was, but I thought it would be fun for all of us to go. The boys were around eighteen months and four.

I made motel reservations with the brilliant idea of getting adjoining rooms so the Mrs. and I could have some private time. We get to the motel, and drag all our stuff upstairs to the first room, where I open our side of the adjoining door. 

I go outside and open the other room door, the boys are following me. Once inside that room I close the door, lock it, and put the chain on. Then I open the adjoining room door from that room, put the keys down on the dresser, and walk back into the first room.

Behind me I here a door close. The boys had closed the adjoining door from their room. They are now locked inside because they can’t maneuver the lock on the adjoining door, and they can’t reach the chain on the outside door. 

I call the front desk, and they’re having trouble locating the key for the adjoining door.  We’re standing outside, against the window, trying to calm the boys down, with not much luck. Finally I just shouldered the door until the chain screws broke from the wall.

Needless to say there was no private time that night, and it cost me two rooms.

Until tomorrow…