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Slice 337 of 365

It’s already 7:00 and I have done no writing at all for anything. I’m going to keep this on the short side today. Since I don’t really have any ideas, it should be fairly easy.

I was thinking about skipping NaNoWriMo today, but I’ll just stress about it until I catch up. I probably won’t hit 1,667 words tonight, but at least a couple hundred words is better than none. I should be able to even out over the weekend.

I’m at a point too where I probably should read what I have so far. That always takes a little time because I’ll edit as I go, and I like to add details.

Kind of running out of steam a little, but something may present itself as I go along. I managed yesterday without having to jump to writing the ending.

I should get started so I get something done.

Until tomorrow…