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Slice 336 of 365

In the last three days I’ve been able to get down six thousand words of a story that has been brewing in my head for at least a year, more I think. Now that the initial beginning is down on paper it starts to get hard.

I’m famous for coming up with ideas, but have no where to go after that. Very often, I will text the boys an idea and they say, “OK, what happens after that?” and I have nothing. Just a cool idea, and no where to go with it.

Maybe I should write the ending. I have a vague idea of how I want it to end. Well, not end, transition to the next book. I almost always write in order. It would be strange to write the ending first, but I guess it may help flush out more story. It’s after 7:00, and I’m just getting to this post, plus I’m really worn out.

I’ll see what I can get done, but I have a feeling the next forty-four thousand words are going to be a struggle.

Until tomorrow…