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Slice 335 of 365

The year long endeavor that was inspired by thirty days of slices is now down to its last thirty days. Eleven months have passed as quickly as eleven seconds. I, along with everyone else, have moved through the unstoppable time and space complex we call the universe.

The first time I did this exercise I couldn’t imagine what I would fill thirty posts with. The second time I did it, I was a bit more confident and wrote with more abandon and thought.

When I started this project 335 days ago, I had no idea what it would really entail or how it would turn out. I still don’t have those answers. It was a whole different perspective looking at the year as consecutive set of numbers (1-365) as opposed to calendar dates. Today isn’t November third to me, it’s day 335.

I considered doing something special for the last thirty days, but NaNoWriMo is keeping me busy (Over 600 more words written before finishing this post), and time is just not on my side to think about thirty specials posts or some shtick for this last month.

I need down time at night, especially now, with the job and getting home later. Plus, I get much more drained being out of the house so much. Trying to be clever and write fifty thousand words along with the new job just ain’t gonna work.

I didn’t quit, I think right now that should be my only focus, and the finish line is very much in sight.

Until tomorrow…