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Slice 334 of 365

Today was an Ari day. I’m always amazed how much she and Emma raise my spirits. I often wondered why older people gushed so much over younger kids. As I get older I’m discovering reasons, for me at least.

The first one is that I miss my kids being that age. Making them giggle, running around, cuddling up in bed, thinking they’d never grow up. Reverse Peter Pan syndrome. Doing that with the girls brings back great memories and is creating new ones, for me, if not them.

It’s a double edged sword though, because it also brings back all the memories of things I wanted to provide or things I wanted to do with them that never happened. I suppose that’s why grandparents spoil grand kids, it’s a second chance. My father would often say of my grandmother, “I don’t know who that person is, but it’s not the woman who raised me.” I would normally get that speech as my grandmother was making me an ice cream soda.

Maybe part of it is the bottled youth dying to leap from their spirits. I don’t exactly feel old, but I am beginning to feel what the future years will be like. Watching the kids, and interacting with them is like a vitamin B shot of youthful exuberance that regenerates me.

It is late now, for me at least, 10:45. I’d normally be in bed already, but I started writing at 6:45, and didn’t stop. Except for some Becca questions and hot chocolate. I wrote almost 3,000 words today and crossed the 5,000 word mark. In two days I’m at ten percent of the way there, and I like the story.

Let’s see if I can keep it up. I think it was due to youthful rejuvenation.

Until tomorrow…