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Slice 332 of 365

I think I may have just seen the worst movie trailer commercial of my life a minute ago. It was compared to Rudy, which is a movie I love. Talk about underdog beating the odds. What I heard in the commercial was, “Football doesn’t build character, it eliminates the weak,” presumably from a coach. I suppose I could have heard incorrectly, but I stopped listening after that. I was appalled.

I believe it was about college football, but who cares? How many kids will be drawn to the commercial because it’s about sports, and football? How many adults feel that way now, already, because things like that were said to them in various sports when they were children?

All I heard from that dialog was that the weak don’t matter. You should run over them and I’m going to teach you how.  I know it was just one line, and I shouldn’t judge the whole movie based on that. I guess it was just the comparison to Rudy and that line combined, because Rudy is nothing like that. He’s the weakling who overcomes all the odds, it’s the complete opposite. He’s not weak, especially in spirit. His strength is internal and stronger than anything any football coach could possibly teach him.

Rudy walked in with character, not a desire to destroy the weak.

Those who feel superior, those who bully, those who feel the need to stamp out the weak should be careful. There are more of us than there of you, and we’ve had enough

Until tomorrow…