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Slice 330 of 365

Our dishwasher is on the fritz. Somehow the door got bent and it doesn’t close right, if at all. If I can get it closed and run it, it leaks. I spent the morning waiting for the Sears repair person. They were supposed to be here between 8:00 and 12:00. At 11:45 they called and said they were running late, and it would be 12:30 to 1:00. Fortunately, I was able to work from home today.

We have a home warranty, so it’s a fixed price to have the dishwasher, among many other things, looked at and/or possibly replaced. We’ve had the washer, dryer, stove and well pump all replaced with that policy.  I was hoping they would decide a new dishwasher was needed. It’s been on it’s last days for quite a while now.

The repair person finally arrived, and after about a half an hour I got the news that parts were unavailable with Maytag. “Awesome!” I thought, but then he continued. There is a part research department that will try to locate the parts in other non direct Maytag areas, warehouses, supply stores, etc.

Another appointment had to be scheduled even though they don’t know if they will find the parts. It doesn’t seem cost effective for all that work vs. a new dishwasher. If they don’t find parts, and I don’t find that out until the second appointment, it will then cost me a third appointment, and even more time off from work.

As long as it’s all done by Thanksgiving, I suppose I really don’t care. We’ve been washing dishes as we use them and that’s been working out quite well. It actually works better than fighting with Becca to load the dishwasher. Thanksgiving though, that will be a different story.

Maybe going out to dinner is the solution. Yes, I like that idea.

Until tomorrow…