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Slice 329 of 365

I like trees. I like the way they look, the way the wind sways the branches, the way birds nest in them. They are just a thing of beauty, singular or grouped. So many different types and varieties, but the one thing they have in common is inside.


All trees have rings that tell their story and age. You can see good years and bad, you can see integrity or rot, you can see strength or disease.

Humans should have rings. You could take a cross section and see how their life has been. The inner core is when they were born. Each ring after that is a year. Rings close together mean lean years with slow growth. Rings further apart mean prosperous years. You could tell when the bad storms were, even if it looked like you weathered it well.

Your offspring would be your branches, the literal family tree. Your bark could be thick or thin. Your roots would grow as deep as you allow them. Your bark could be damaged but would heal over leaving a scar. As you get older you drop your leaves, and slowly become brittle.

Eventually you will topple to the ground in your last and final storm, and nourish the earth.

Yes, people should be like trees.

Until tomorrow…