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Slice 328 of 365

For years now, I have said that on my 50th birthday, I wanted to be sipping champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Last year I started putting money away for just that purpose. My birthday is in about six weeks, and Paris is off the table for various reasons.

Then I thought, well, if Paris is a no go, Vegas has an Eiffel Tower, and that’s a reasonable drive. I could probably get a deal on rooms at that time of year and there is plenty to do. That didn’t work out either. Strike two.

As I’m writing, The Middle, is on TV. The episode where they go to Disney World but actually have tickets for Disneyland. The light bulb went off, a birthday weekend in Disneyland sounds fabulous! Both of the boys live pretty close to it. I’m not keen on traveling that far for just a weekend. Paris I was going to stay a week to ten days.

My birthday is a Friday, so my plan was to take the day off and have a long weekend. Maybe it’s just best to have a quiet weekend with the kids. I’m not sure if the boys will be around or not since they’ll be here just the weekend before for Thanksgiving.

At this point I’m looking forward to just having a long weekend.

The Eiffel Tower will still be there when I’m sixty.

Until tomorrow…