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Slice 327 of 365

I was thinking today how things would have been different if there had been cell phones when I was a kid.

Answering a phone call
Then: Run to ringing phone attached to wall, answer phone, be tethered to wall while talking. Busy signals and no answers were perfectly acceptable.
Now: Pull phone from pocket, go where the wind takes me.

Watching TV
Then: Turn on TV, check TV Guide while waiting for it to warm up (old TV’s in my house), pick show from seven channels available that had to be changed manually with a dial, watch shows in real time.
Now: Pull phone from pocket, ask Siri.

Watching movies
Then: Look up movie times in the paper based on TV commercials, beg parents to drive you or walk. Spend an hour on phone coordinating with friends.
Now: Pull phone from pocket, Ask Siri, send group text.

Listen to music
Then: Get giant case containing cassette tapes, locate correct tape that was made from hours of time spent recording songs off the radio. Run to 7-11 to get batteries for cassette player.
Now: Pull phone from pocket, Kick it Siri.

Yep, it would have been much different.

Until tomorrow…