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Slice 326 of 365

It’s been almost three years since I started going to the gym, and eating better. I had to cut the gym earlier this year because of finances. My lowest weight was 158 and I’m still hanging at around 165, and I’m still in 34 pants. I need to find, and make a priority, some kind of an at home routine so I don’t fall off the wagon, too far at least. I’d be happy to stay in the 34 pants. 

I’m definitely losing muscle tone. I already can’t do as many push-ups or pull-ups. Part of falling behind was my surgery, but most of it is me being lazy and too tired. 

Food still calls to me from the cabinets, freezer, pantry, Starbucks, Sonic, pretty much everywhere. Even after three years it’s stil easy to succumb to that sexy allure of the junk food’s fast talking con game.  “C’mon everybody’s doing it. Fruits and veggies, what are you a sissy? Ice cream is easy, you’ll feel soooooooooo much better. Here’s a free taste.”

Some of the triggers I recognize, other times they just crash down like waves in a hurricane for no apparent reason. 

Not sure what this trigger was, but my plan after posting this is to go get ice cream.

Until tomorrow…