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Slice 324 of 365

I have been very lucky and have had two days in a row with two different toddlers. Got to see my bff Emma last night and we’re sitting for her right now while I write. As tired as she can make me, she absolutely recharges my soul. Funny how that works.

My new employers have an almost two year old grand daughter who spends several days a week at the house/office. I get to see her while she’s around and that overlapped with Emma the last two days so I’m in kid heaven. 

My new kid bff is Ari. She doesn’t quite say my name yet but I think she’s starting to recognize me a little. She let me pick her up today which I took as a good sign. She really is a little cutie. I love just listening to the two of them talk (not together, they haven’t met) about anything. It’s so much fun. They absolutely make me smile.

All these little ones around put me in two moods. I miss my kids being that little and I’m looking forward to grandkids, eventually. 

For now, I take what I can get.

Until tomorrow…