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Slice 319 of 365

Nothing very much lately showing me the writing light. Maybe it’s the fall, maybe it’s the new job, maybe it’s the book being more business (and disappointing at that) than fun. I don’t know, but writing has been more of a chore than anything else lately.

I think Facebook is hurting me terribly too. Social media in general, but the big ‘ole F is front and center. As happy as I am for all my friend’s and family’s successes, it completely sucks everything out of me. Especially when they weren’t even trying or just fell into something.

I’ve unfollowed some people who were just too braggy to begin with, and some who just pushed the wrong button at the wrong time, political, religious, whatever. I’ve unfollowed all my writing groups, I can’t look at them any more. Once I’ve completed this project I’m contemplating giving up all the social media. I only increased my footprint there in the first place for the book, and I’ve had enough of that BS already.

Time for ice cream.

Until tomorrow…