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Slice 315 of 365

Much to do about the debates as of late. I did not (chose not to, refused, ran away screaming, take your pick) watch any of them. It doesn’t really matter what they say any way these days.

It makes me think of high school debating. Those teenagers are probably better at it than the so-called politicians.

I’ve come up with some debatable subjects, and I’m curious which side you fall on.

Democrats vs. Republicans
Old white people vs. crazy people. I’m not sure I fall on either side here, I just fall, off a cliff…

Salty vs. Sweet
Depends on my mood, but often when I make chocolate dipped anything I sprinkle kosher salt on them.

Books vs E-books
You’ll have to pull the book from my cold, dead hands.
I love the smell of books in the morning.
May the books, be with you.

Apples vs. Oranges
Eh, six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Water vs. Wine
Think about this, without water, the grapes for the wine couldn’t grow.

God vs. Santa Claus
Not going there, just putting it out there to stir the pot.

Jeopardy vs. Wheel of Fortune
Alex vs. Pat & Vanna. I’m an Alex fan going back to the beginning.

Oreo vs. Double Stuff Oreo
I fall on the side of the brownie, covered with ice cream, covered with chocolate sauce, covered with whipped cream that the crushed Double Stuffed Oreo’s will be complementing.

Writing vs. Not writing
The jury is still out.

Until tomorrow…