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Slice 313 of 365

Daily, I see articles, using the term loosely, online that are in the general area of self improvement, for lack of a better term. 7 ways to stop smoking or 11 fat burning exercises. They’re not all about self improvement, some are informational, 13 ways to get rid of ants, or the scare tactic ones, 5 ways to know he’s cheating on you. There’s way more than five by the way, open your eyes.

So, because it was fun and easy I came up with some of my own punny ones.

13 ways to not be superstitious

3.14 better ways to make pie

666 ways to pray

9 3/4 Facts About Harry Potter

42 reasons you’ll never discover the meaning of life

69 ways to practice abstinence

777 ways to beat the odds in Vegas

8 ways to build a snowman

365 ways to measure a year

26 tools to make the best words

32 ways not to freeze to death

7,387,298 ways to be a dumb ass

Until tomorrow…