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Slice 312 of 365

I often ask myself, if I’m a bad parent. In general I think not. It’s just certain times in the parental cycle that I wonder, how far I teeter from the tight rope.

About a week ago Becca started watching Breaking Bad. I didn’t think too much of it. She’s 14 going on 37, and she’s not a dummy. She knows better than to use drugs or be pressured by her friends. Honestly, I think watching the show would turn her off drugs even more because of what happens to the drug using characters. She finally caught up to where I was and we started watching together tonight.

There is a good amount of violence, even for non pay TV. Is it desensitizing her? Who knows. I try not to hide things from her. You don’t need to look to TV shows for violence, it’s in the news all over the world daily anyway, and that’s real, not make believe.

Last night we were at our monthly potluck. She was privy to a more adult conversation than she would normally hear. Several reasons it didn’t bother me. One, I trust all those adults, they are unique, smart people, who think highly of my daughter. Two, I would rather her hear actual truth, with real examples than her hear rumors and suppositions from her friends. Three, she is comfortable with these people and would not hesitate to ask questions and get real answers, and they listen to her like an equal.

The balance of the tightrope is tough because the load being carried is always changing and ever shifting.

I think I’d rather be a clown.

Until tomorrow…