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Slice 311 of 365

Last year I participated in a fantasy football league because my son was short one person. Now, if you know anything about me at all, you know that I think sport are stupid (NASCAR and wrestling being at the top of the list), so me playing was strictly to fill in a gap.

I let the app auto draft, and I basically did nothing. This was a team effort with Becca, but she didn’t do much either. I have no idea where we placed.

We are doing it again this year, each of us with our own team. Threw money in this year so I’m paying a little more attention, but it’s only a numbers game to me.

I actually sat through the draft process, which, surprisingly, didn’t take long, and picked my own players. Once a week I check my line up, and make sure everybody is playable. I got caught by that once, and lost a week I probably should have won.

I’m 2-2, and this week looks very close based on the projections. I’ve been told not to rely on the projections, but that’s the numbers part for me, and all I really care about. I want to win based on that alone, just to tick everybody off.

I’ll have to think about what to do with the money if I win, I think it’s $100. Maybe I’ll use it to throw a Super Bowl party.

Until tomorrow…