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Slice 309 of 365

Back to the real word today. It was not gentle, it kicked hard in the gut. At least it took an extra day to do it, since the held mail wasn’t delivered yesterday as expected. Got a letter from the mortgage company saying my mortgage is going up $150.00 a month.

Yay for me.

How the hell can I possibly catch up and get my head above water when the universe keeps putting rocks in my pockets? This is ridiculous. I spent most of this year trying to lower expenses and sell things off. Give me one good reason I shouldn’t just lay down on the mat and take the ten count right now?

On the plus side, we had comfort food for dinner, buffalo chicken mac and cheese, and I only had one bowl, even though I wanted the whole pan after that fricken letter. I didn’t even suggest that we go for ice cream, which I could really use right about now. Old habits die so hard. The minute I find out I only have six months to live, I’m eating everything in sight.

I suppose that depends on if the mortgage company will let me eat. Future me can worry about that. Who am I kidding, past me from three hours ago is still in the corner crying over it in the fetal position. Present me is going to ride the bike and take a shower.

Alcohol may be involved somewhere in that process.

Until tomorrow…