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Slice 308 of 365

Sitting in the airport again and these are the things I’m saying in my head, because saying them out loud would be wrong.

“Dude, pull up your pants.”

“Whoa, somebody missed the deodorant train this morning.”

“A cop, on a bike, in the airport?”

“Did you plan on putting on clothes any time soon lady?”

“Don’t talk to me, don’t talk to me, don’t talk… Damn it…”

“Got stupid?”

“So, you’re transporting a dead body in that carry on, right?”

“How did you two end up together?”

“How did you get that through security?

“Oh I see, it’s not a tattoo, it’s varicose veins.”

“Are you really gonna eat all that?”

“You really ate all that…”

“Maybe I will just drive next time.”

Until tomorrow…