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Slice 306 of 365

Sore body today. I played softball yesterday unexpectedly. I knew there was a small chance I’d be playing, so I did pack a mitt and my knee brace. it was the first game of Mike and Brooke’s league. I was told the pitcher might not make it.

A million years ago I used to pitch in my company league, Computron, at the time. It was slow pitch, high arc, so not that hard. I only started pitching for them because the pitcher was late one night, and the catcher wanted throwing practice because she couldn’t catch or throw to the plate very well. I ended up pitching the first two innings and never stopped.

So, the whole team took the field last night, all nine of them, and apparently nobody wanted to try pitching. Mike called me out of the stands and asked if I wanted to try. I was nervous, excited too. Silly I suppose, it was a bunch of strangers I’ll most likely never see again. It was more about not wanting to look dumb in front of the kids.

It’s been at least fifteen years since I pitched, maybe more. I took a few warm up pitches and I wasn’t horrible. The game started and I walked the first three batters, basses loaded. What did I get myself into? We got out of the inning not too badly hurt and the second inning went smoother. We won by one, and I had a couple of assists. I didn’t bat, it was probably better that way.

I’m way more sore than I thought I would be. The game was less than an hour long, how could I be that sore? Muscles I’m not used to using anymore in that way. It was fun though. If softball leagues weren’t so nuts about winning I’d considering doing it again.

I’m not so sure my aging body could take it.

Until tomorrow…