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Slice 304 of 365

Writing early today because I don’t know what we’re doing yet. I’m up before everybody else and hiding on the patio to keep from waking anybody. I could have just stayed in the guest room but it’s cooler out here. Still not quite awake so you’ll probably just get trite drivel this morning.

Some days writing feels like a chore, and today is one of those days. Not sure why. Maybe because I’ve only been awake for fifteen minutes. Too many other things swirling around my head from sleeping that are now up and awake and screaming, “Think about me! Think about me!”

How can I think about you, I ask, when I can’t even think about getting dressed without my head getting ready to explode. Those thoughts bouncing around my noggin are very persistent though. Pounding on the sides of my skull yelling, “We’re awake, time for you to obsess about us for no good reason!!!”

Yes, yes, I know, you’ll get your turn. Could I please, for right this second, just have the energy to brush my teeth and comb my hair? Reluctantly they back off just enough so I can get out of bed. They’re even still distracted enough that I could sneak out to the patio and write.

I just don’t know how long I can stave them off. Hunger is making an appearance too now, and the two of them together is not the best of combinations because the ricocheting brain waves like junk food. Like is an understatement, they’re obsessed with junk food. Too many obsessions in my head and not enough calm. I need new tenants in my head.

Tomorrow I’ll think about advertising for new renters. Maybe a lease to buy option, then I could get a place with less space and maintenance. Packing is such a pain, I could just leave it all behind, that might be the ticket. I mean, there are boxes upon boxes of memories I could just toss out, no need to store them anymore. Huge waste of space and resources.

I wonder if they can get recycled? Hmmm, I suppose they get recycled in writing. This is going to be harder than I thought.

I don’t have the wifi password yet so as much as this was written first thing in the morning, it may not get posted first thing. (Side  note: Got the password)

Besides, the tornado that currently occupies my cranium is coming back from its distraction and will take back over. It was a nice ten minutes.

Until tomorrow…