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Slice 303 of 365

I do a lot of people watching when I’m at the airport. It’s always interesting to me the diversity of people coming and going. All shapes and sizes. All ages and nationalities. Singles, couples, families and groups.

Usually my favorite is watching the kids. Sometimes they cling by mom’s side. Sometimes they run around like crazy. Sometimes they just come and talk like we’re old buddies, they’re my favorites.

It’s funny the way people choose to dress just to travel. Some look like they’re heading for bed, that’s OK for the kids. And when I say kids, I mean little ones. Some people dress to the nines just to get on a plane. What I notice most, I’ll term it this way, is questionable clothing. I’ll leave it at that.

It was a short flight, I almost finished reading my book, I have a page and a half left. I’ll squeeze it in somewhere before the end of the day. For such a short flight it was fairly bumpy but otherwise uneventful.

Off to do who knows what right now. The ice cream truck just passed and we got ice cream, so anything can happen.

Until tomorrow…