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Slice 301 of 365

Going to see the boys on Friday in LA and I am super excited! Joey has been gone two months already. I haven’t seen Mike since Father’s Day, and I think Easter was the last time all three kids were together. Lots of pictures, if I can remember. I always say that, and then, five minutes after I’ve left I remember that I forgot to take pictures.

No idea what we’ll be doing. Don’t really care, just want to have everybody together for a bit. I say that, fully knowing that before we go to bed Friday night there will have already been several fights.  Happens all the time when the boys come home. Maybe it will be different this time. Ha!

It’s funny to see them all together and their interactions with each other. Mike’s girlfriend thinks we’re loud. She has no idea! There will be spirited debate on movies and TV shows, of which, I will be at the bottom of the totem pole.

When I was a kid, and all the old world Italian relatives got together, that was loud. I remember a lot of singing and cheek pinching. There was a lot of laughing too.

The kids and I do a lot of laughing too. After all, I am full of gut-busting dad jokes.

Until tomorrow…