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Slice 300 of 365

Well dam. Three hundred pots, holy carp. I sure hop my typng and grammer is better bye now.

That’s a whole lot of days in a row to do something every day. Or is it? People brush their teeth, comb their hair, go to the bathroom (hopefully), etc., etc., etc. everyday.  That’s normal stuff though, right? This is far from normal. Well, I’m not sure exactly how far from normal. I’m far from normal, but I cannot say with any distinct degree of certainty if the blog is far from normal or the concept for that matter.

Sixty-five more days to go. I suppose after this many days it’s now become a habit. How is it I can lose my exercise habit after two years? Do I need to be a nun? Get it? Habit, nun… LOL! I crack myself up.

Can you see I have no ideas today? Either that or I have gone further over the edge than I have in a long time. It’s probably that one because I have a ton of ideas. No good ones mind you, but I always have tons of ideas. Like, what if you showered clothed? You’d get twice as much cleaning done with half as much water.

So, yeah, sixty-five more days to go.

Woo hoo!

Until tomorrow…