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Slice 299 of 365

Ahhhhhhh. The cool evening air of the autumn nights may be one of my favorite things. The windows open, and the crispness of the season floods in for perfect sleeping weather.

We don’t have a lot of trees here, not right here at least. I miss the northeast burst of color and the falling leaves. I used to enjoy raking leaves, I found it relaxing. Although, honestly, I never understood the need to wrangle dead leaves. I just ran the lawn mower over them and mulched them. Even if I didn’t do that, who cares about the leaves? Why this incessant need to remove the leaves? What did they do to you?

Is it leaf prejudice? Did your parents teach you to hate the leaves? You don’t naturally hate leaves, it must be taught. When will the hatred end?!?! Are the trees being held responsible for abandoning their leaves? Where is the responsibility? Just because they turn colors and die is no reason to turn your back on them.

Starting tomorrow I am dedicating my life to saving the leaves! I’ll start a web site, I’ll organize rallies, I’ll… I’ll… I’ll… Hmm…. I have a job, this may not work…

Sorry leaves, you’re on your own.

Until tomorrow…