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Slice 298 of 365

My birthday is still over two months away yet, but I’ve been thinking about this daily slice project ending, and I’m not really sure how I feel about that. It may leave a hole that I wasn’t expecting. It’s kind of like coming down off the high of a show weekend, and there is no rehearsal to go to that week any more, except this was a year of shows.

I could just keep doing it, it doesn’t have to end. My plan, after the year, was to write about once a week. Make the posts longer and tighter because there would be more time. Maybe pick an actual topic and direction, although I really like being able to write about anything I want. Maybe I’ll do a short story a week, and then after a year publish them. Maybe the smarter thing to do is, post half of a short story and then after a year publish all the full ones. A year’s worth of conclusions and closure all in one tidy little place.

I’ve also already been thinking about what my 365th post should be about. My initial thought was, a look back at my favorite posts or a look back at the year in general. A look back at the last 50 years or a look ahead at the next 50. Maybe all of the above and more. I do feel like that particular post cannot be accomplished the day of. It needs a little thinking, and a few days to write and ponder.

I’ll let future me worry about it. Present me wants a snack.

Until tomorrow…