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Slice 297 of 365

Once a month our Freethinker’s group has a trivia night. This month it is tomorrow night, and it’s Geek Trivia. Science, video game, comics, and sci-fi questions to name a few, will be on the agenda. The type of trivia varies, and almost never are there sports questions, except perhaps Quidditch.

Somehow, no matter what kind of trivia, I always end up on a second place team. So, for tomorrow’s contest, I offered to be the MC and ask questions. Then I don’t need to worry about what team I’m on.

The questions for Geek Trivia come from an actual board game. There’s a Pub Trivia game we use as well. For the Geek Trivia, I’m going to bring along some of my own questions because the game questions are ridiculously hard! I am just not geek enough for them I guess. I have some in my head already, I just need to do some quick research.

I have some ideas on space, comic and sci-fi questions. Maybe going back a little further than these young whippersnappers will know for once.

But it’s just a game, it doesn’t matter.

Yes it does!

No it doesn’t.


Shut up!

You shut up…

I have to go now.

Until tomorrow…