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Slice 296 of 365

At least half a dozen times a day I see something on Facebook like, “She mixed peanut butter and mayonnaise and I couldn’t believe what happened next!” Since I’m feeling pretty tired today, and this idea came to me (and seemed easy) I’m going to come up with a few of my own, and call it a day.

This grandma mixed chocolate chips and concrete and what happened next was amazing!

He let his dog drive his new corvette, what the cop did when he pulled them over made me cry.

They all jumped in the swamp to save a puppy, what the puppy did after the alligator frenzy was adorable!

He jumped from the building without a parachute, I couldn’t believe what happened when he hit the ground!

She mixed tuna with motor oil, what she created next was beyond belief!

Ok, I’m done.

Until tomorrow…