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Slice 295 of 365

I get two different rides home after work. My first ride is from work to pick Becca up from school. This ride is filled with silence except for the radio. I always start with the country station and then scan. Music lately, has not been hitting the right notes, so to speak. This is my decompression time. My time to let work melt away. My time to sing where nobody is listening, and my time to overthink life.

The second part of my journey is after I pick up the high schooler. The car is no longer silent, and the radio is no longer at my beck and call. She’s not too bad about it. When we scan she sometimes stops on her music, and it’s not offensive.  Some of it isn’t too bad. She’ll ask me if I know who it is, and my standard answer is always Katie Perry because it’s about all I know. She is good though, she also stops it on STYX and Billy Joel.

I get to hear about the highlights of the day, filled with crushes and what’s not fair and whatnot. Today was exciting, there was a first kiss of a friend. I witnessed only a hug, Becca was barely in the car before she started telling me the story.

It’s easy to close my eyes and go back to my high school days. There were a lot of good experiences and a ton of good memories. I think both the boys had good high school lives, and it appears Becca will too.

Until tomorrow…