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Slice 291 of 365

Every morning I wake up, with or without alarm. I check in with the world, go to the bathroom, and brush my teeth. Then I wet my hair to comb it. This morning, while completing that step, I somehow hurt my back while bending over the sink.  The perils of getting older? An unfortunate wrong way bend? The universe fucking with me?

I vote for that one. Two weeks into a new job and you’re going to injure me? I suppose I should be happy that my surgery was even before I applied for it. It was just a normal morning. I had done nothing different, and bent over the sink the same way I do every morning.

I’m pretty sure the universe is out to get me. Pretty sure I’ve seen it watching me…

It’s all in my lower back. After I bent over, the pain started at the base of my spine and went two thirds of the way up my back. It buckled my knees, and I had to try several different contortions before I found the right one to relieve the pain.

I spent most of the day on the couch with the heating pad on and off. I did manage to do laundry and my sheets since weekends are my chore time now. Any little movement causes pain, but it’s not consistent. Getting off the couch is the biggest issue.

I sure hope a good night’s sleep solves the problem.

I do still have some Percocet left from my surgery…

Until tomorrow…