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Slice 289 of 365

Once a month one of the members of the Freethinkers group has a movie night. When the weather cooperates it’s outside on his 100 inch screen. Tonight’s showing was The Big Chill. One of my favorites.

I’m older now than the group in the film, but the premise lives all too well.  These last several years we have lost several high school band members, and even in the advent of this social media generation, I know there were schoolmates there who had not seen each other since those fateful glory days.

I was not able to attend any of the funerals. The people who did were mostly local, so there was no weekend at lake houses cooking, fooling around, watching football or listening to 60s music. I’m sure there was a lot of story telling though.

It’s funny how we lose touch with people until a big event happens. wedding, funeral, etc. I had some cousins I was out of touch with until my grandfather died. We were all adults by then, and took it upon ourselves to stay in touch. Still are, and it was probably 20 years ago now.

Funny thing is, I saw the movie originally with a bunch of high school friends and we’ve all stayed close, but at the same time gone our separate ways. When one of us leaves this world I could see a similar dynamic happening in our small group.

Let’s hope that time stays away for a while longer yet.

(P.S. this was accidentally posted unfinished, it is now complete.)

Until tomorrow…