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Slice 288 of 365

Today is one of those non-stop days, so I’m writing quickly before I run out again. Hopefully I’ll finish (I didn’t), but at least I’m started. Once begun half done.

Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, run kid to school.

Go to work. Work. Get out of work. Front tire almost flat. Stress about changing tire or trying to make it to gas station. Take chance and make it to gas station. Fill tire. Go pick up kid.

Drive kid to dance class. Go home. Write blog. Change clothes. (I got to here before I had to leave again) Pick up kid via Subway for her dinner.

Take kid to school for open house. Go to Freethinker’s dinner to kill time, happy that I don’t need to attend open house. Have blast with my two-year-old BFF. Go for frozen yogurt.

Go see Heidi for undefined relationship time.

Pick up kid. Go home. Finish blog.


Until tomorrow…