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Slice 286 of 365

I had another post started but material presented it self this evening.

It’s Tuesday, that means old movie night at Harkins. Tonight was North by Northwest. The move starts at 7:00, and the theater is thirty minutes away, so we left at 6:15. We had our tickets and entered the theater about 6:50.

Our usual seats in the center of the last row of the lower section were taken, so I chose one row up. Becca was on line for a soda in the lobby. Walking to my seat I noticed the lady sitting behind where I wanted to sit had her feet on the back of my seat. When I chose the seat in front of her she gave me a dirty look and said, “really?” and then looked around at her cronies. This was no teenager either, she was in her forties, if not more.

Some of her friends mumbled about there being plenty of other open seats. I commented that I liked to sit center and that they were in my usual seat which is why I chose the row in front of them. Not that I owed them any kind of explanation, I was just trying to be nice. I paid for a seat, any seat, just like they did. One of the friends commented, “cry me a river.”

I turned around and just ignored them. The woman, no that’s not right, the barely human person in woman form, yes that’s better, put her feet back up on the chair and kept pushing, like a child on an airplane. At one point she had taken her feet down and I put my feet up on the chair in front of me, which was empty. She put her feet back up on my chair and said, “I guess I can do it if you’re doing it.”

She kept kicking the chair and I got fed up and moved up one row without saying anything. I started to report them to a manager and changed my mind. She looked liked she would have no problem throwing her drink at me and I was afraid if I got them tossed that they might still be waiting after the movie.

I don’t know what was better, to ignore the whole thing and walk away like I did or if I should have stood up for myself.

I’m trying to convince myself that walking away was the right thing to do. It’s not like I was in any kind of real peril where I had to defend myself, and it certainly wasn’t worth fighting over. I’m still seething over it though, and I’m sure they’re not thinking twice over it. Or they’re thinking they won.

Regardless I feel the part of frightened old man and I don’t like it.

Until tomorrow…